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Vibes of Edgewater

While I love to show off all that Miami has to offer, one of my personal favorite spots is Edgewater/Midtown. These two neighborhoods are right next to each other, and make for a hub of beachy nightlife vibes that make every evening worth remembering. 

But before we get into Edgewater’s vibe, here is a public service announcement. 

Miami has a lot of different neighborhoods and each one has its particular style. 

Edgewater is for those looking to get out, enjoy the beaches and nightlife, and aren’t concerned about hitting the town after work or on the weekends. It can be family friendly, but it leans more toward the social butterflies. For a broader list of neighborhoods you can check out my webpage, or click on my youtube channel where I have a lot of videos and blogs about living in Miami!

Now, let’s get to it. Here is what makes Edgewater/Midtown the place to be!

The Views

Picture yourself overlooking a bay with orange and red beams of light dancing on the blue waters below. In your hand is a hot cup of morning Joe. The crisp smell of sea salt dances on your lips and invites you to take in the eternal summer sun of South Florida.  That can be your morning wake up call. From the comfort of your own home you can have some of the best views in all of miami. But don’t take my word for it, check it out! 



You can see that the views are unhindered. There is no half constructed building putting a sore spot on your eye candy. Compared with some of the other neighborhoods such as Brickell, which might have buildings that block part of the view overlooking the ocean, here in Edgewater you have unobstructed views. This makes for views of the best beaches in Edgewater-with renewing sunrises and refreshing sunsets. 

Socializing in Edgewater

I mentioned in my public service announcement that Edgewater is for the social butterflies. That’s what makes Edgewater’s vibe so distinct. People come and people go, but Edgewater’s people make the coming and going special. There is a lot of life here, and the nightlife is well-known. The crowd you’d find on a typical evening at parks of bars would be young professionals around 35 years old. While it is a great place to raise children, over 80% of households don’t have children. For these reasons, Edgewater and Midtown are better known as areas for young professionals. Parks are filled with people every evening and the sound of live music from the local bars and pubs makes for musical sunsets. Of course, all these people need places to socialize, and Edgewater/Midtown has the best bars for you to kick back after a hard day’s work.

Best Parks

Edgewater is not for the hermit. The walkable city design begs for people to walk its broad sidewalks. Pedestrians are one of the hallmarks of this area. So if you’d like to ditch the car and long commutes- Edgewater/Midtown offers strollable streets with lots of parks and places to visit. The most popular park here is Margaret Pace Park. With a spectacular waterfront view of the Venetian Islands, picnic tables, a dog park, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, you are sure to find something to do. Pickup game anyone? You can find a list of Edgewater parks on the city’s website.

Best Bars

Bars and restaurants are another hallmark of Edgewater and Midtown. The sister neighborhoods offer an unmatched nightlife. My favorite restaurant bar is Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill in Midtown. They offer dishes large and small with an amazing raw bar and fresh sushi for you to enjoy. Or perhaps you’d prefer a burger joint or tacos. As they say in Colombia: “Entre gustos no hay disgustos,” and here you are sure to find a savory restaurant to satisfy your taste.

Cost of Living

Since Edgewater and Midtown is an up and coming area, there are a lot of new constructions. This is important to consider because new condos will obviously cost more than older models.

Also keep in mind that you’re going to want to hit the town, and often. Nights out, bars, drinks, pizza on the beach as you enjoy the sunset. All of this is money out of pocket. It’s all definitely worth it, as quality of life here is among the best in South Florida, but it’s important to count the cost.

Now that you know you a bit more about Edgewater and Midtown, you’re probably considering taking a tour of the town, checking out a few of the condos or family homes here. Give me a call and I will be more than happy to show you all that these beautiful neighborhoods have to offer. We can kick the football around or share a beer or cocktail. My passion is to share the Miami experience with you. Don’t let the moment pass. You could find yourself in a beautiful bay front apartment before you know it!



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